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Road Royalty is here to give women the opportunity to experience Carnival like Royalty, wearing the best costumes, Monday wear from the top designers in the industry, being pampered by world class beauticians and getting photographed by A1 photographers along with many other VIP perks.

Every woman should feel like Royalty when they touch the road and for Trinidad Carnival 2024, we are making that happen!  Road Royalty packages are exclusively available to TRIBE 2024 masqueraders playing in Frontline and Individual costumes.

My Story

Ever Since I can remember, I have always been incredibly infatuated with Carnival.

According to my family, I was dancing in the womb and I played Mas for the first time at 3 years old in a custom costume from Peter Minshall. I have never missed a carnival, even when I was living abroad, I would always find my way back home. I quite literally believe Carnival is in my blood.

At the age of 16, I took the stage as a backup dancer for 3 Canal and K Rich along with many other soca artistes for Soca Monarch. After 3 years performing with 3canal, I went on to dance for Kes The Band for a year and I currently dance with Machel Montano and the Monk Band.

I began my Carnival costume modeling career at 16 and that is when my passion to create a space for women to experience Carnival like royalty began. 10 years later and I have finally created what I believe to be the missing sauce in Carnival.

I am so excited to share Road Royalty with you and to provide a world class experience that will make your Carnival 2024 one to remember.

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